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Functional State Correctors (CEF)

What is a CEF?

  • It is a magnetic device that emits information, previously recorded, beneficial for the body and for all living organisms.

Using a CEF:

  • Placed on the body, it improves its functioning and protects it from electromagnetic waves
  • Place on an energy center (Chakras), it energizes it 
  • Place under a glass of water, it vitalizes, energizes and informs it

Sources of recorded information:

  • Water sources
  • Edible plants and herbs
  • Crystals and minerals
  • Ayurvedic preparations
  • Places of strength
  • Cosmoenergetic and Mayan channels

Operation of a CEF: 

  • Powered by the earth's magnetic field, the CEF creates an information-rich volumic field around it, which can be measured within a radius of about 6 meters
  • The functional state corrector is a device composed of stacked plates, which are made of ferromagnetic resin and protected by a plastic box on the outside

The essential duo for a good start

CEF N ° 1 and 2 work in synergy to ensure a deep cleansing of the body

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ALTERNATIVA: functional conditioners, a different outlook on life.

Quantum physics has revealed that we are pure ENERGY, VIBRATION and INFORMATION. In reality, from an atomic point of view, nothing is still in this universe. From this new understanding emerge new possibilities and new tools to improve our quality of life and functioning at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Our mission is to share with you products which, during their use, have given us surprising results. 

“What if there was another way to approach life? "
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